"The Stormvermin of the Red Guard were exceptional fighters, standout killers even amongst the massive Skaven army. In their long service to their Warlord, they had taken sacred banners from Ironbreakers, brought down Giants and worn necklaces fashioned from the teeth of Black Orc commanders."
The elite Red Guard of Queek Headtaker.[1]

The Red Guard.[1]

The Red Guard, or Crimson Guard, are the personal Stormvermin bodyguard regiments of Warlord Queek Headtaker.


It took a fierce Skaven to survive the underground slaughterways of the City of Pillars. To join the most elite claw-units of all Clan Mors, a Skaven had to possess extraordinary strength, agility and martial prowess. Queek Headtaker personally took part in the selection and training of his elite Red Guard Stormvermin. He kept ten claws of these troops, each a hundred strong, as his personal force of bodyguards. They were given the best arms, armour and feeding right of all the troops under his command. In battle, the Red Guard serve dutifully well as Queek's honour guard, or as the spiked fist of his assault force.[1a]

Infamous Red Guard Members

  • Skrak, Ex-lieutenant of the Red Guard.


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