"These Skinks are differentiated by their impressive red crests, but are also faster, stronger, and even cleverer than their lesser cousins."
The Red Crested Skinks.[1]
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A Red Crested Skink.[1]

Red Crested Skinks are a rare variety of highly-intelligent and militarised Skink.


Within Lizardmen society, the quick-witted, swift-moving Skinks are the administrators and craftsmen – the workers, you might say. As is common among the Slann, certain spawnings are – for reasons unclear – faster, stronger, sharper and brighter than their peers. Such is the case of the Red Crested Skinks, who first emerged at the temple-city of Chaqua before it was attacked and overrun by a particularly vicious horde of plague-bearing Skaven, and it was the Red Crested Skinks who subsequently heeded Tehenhauin’s call and flocked to the Prophet’s banner in service of the coming Serpent-God, Sotek. As the survivors of the slaughter and the plague that followed it fanned out across Lustria, they brought word of the Prophecy of Sotek to all Lizardmen, urging them on to total war against Skavenkind and proclaiming that the sacrifice of any rat spawn would invoke the Serpent-God and hasten his blessed arrival.[1]


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