Warhammer Wood Elves Symbol

When the snows retreat and the breath of spring is felt once more on the air, the forest of Loren trembles with Orion's waking dreams. Soon after, the Wild Riders come for the Elf chosen to take up the mantle of the consort-king. Their method of selection is shrouded in mystery, and other Elves hold it to be ill-luck to attract the attention of Orion's riders lest this influence the choice. On the last day of winter, the Elf chosen to become the new King of the Wild Hunt is garlanded with flowers and his naked skin decorated with ancient sigils. Finally, he is led into the Oak of Ages. The following morning, on the first day of spring, Ariel awakens from her slumbers and the reborn Orion thunders from the trees, the Wild Hunt howling at his heels.[1a]


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