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"Queek will pay for this… this… this sacrilege! In striking the paws of the Horned Rat, he strikes at the Great One himself. It shall not be tolerated!"
Grey Seer Razzell, upon finding out his messenger rats were killed by Queek

Razzell is a Grey Seer, and one of Queek Headtaker's rivals in the book Headtaker. He hails from Skavenblight.

Appearance & Personality

Razzell is said to be a gaunt white grey seer, covered in equally white robes. His horns are solid black, tinkling with small brass chimes, and his neck is hung with talismans and trinkets, some magical and some not. He is a typical Grey Seer, arrogant, deadly, and pleased by excessive flattery. He is also fanatically insane, but not enough that it clouds notions of self-preservation, which is at the forefront of any Skaven's mind.

Typically, a Greyseer can coerce and curb the behavior of a Warlord to their whims, but Razzell finds Queek to be openly blasphemous and unwilling to bow. This causes friction between them, which escalates several times into Razzell attempting to murder Queek. Razzell is also a coward, shying away from combat and even from Queek on a few occassions, fearing and hating his madness and how it stops Queek from prostrating himself like another Warlord might.


In Skaven settlements the world over, there have been reports of strange gold-laced axes of Dwarven make with runes. This makes dwarves a more formidable foe for the Skaven and in turn, presents an obstable to the race's goal of bringing about The Great Ascendency. Razzell is dispatched by the Council of Thirteen in order to get Queek to seek and destroy the source of these weapons. First, Razzell tries to use Sleek Sharpwit to do his bidding, but that fails and the pair of them decide to visit Queek personally. This similarly fails, as Queek is openly distrustful and disdainful of Razzell and all Grey Seers.

Razzell tries to intimidate Queek, but it fails, and he is instead assaulted by Ska Bloodtail. Only Sharpwit stepping in saves Razzell fromb being choked to death by the massive Skaven. Forever after, Razzell holds a grudge against the pair and eventually steals away half of Queek's army in secret, taking charge of the mission he assigned to Queek. This angers the warlord, and the grudge is returned in an attempt to assassinate Queek. However, this fails and Ska is gravely injured in Queek's stead.

In order to get Queek in line, Razzell takes Sharpwit's advice and heals Ska, knowing Queek has an affection and loyalty (albeit critical and abusive) towards the massive stormvermin. However, Queek is still suspicious, though all present notice that the tinker-rat, Fizqwik, is missing from the gathering and begin suspecting him as the traitor instead.