Tuskgor Chariot

A herd of Razorgors stampeding towards the enemy.

Razorgors are massive cousins of the Tuskgors, mountains of mutated muscle and hair that are deadly in the extreme.[1a]


Roughly approximate to a giant boar in appearance (although more like a great bear in size), a Razorgor is a vilely mutated creature covered in vicious spines, coarse hair and boasting lethally sharp tusks and fangs. Such is the beast's bloody-minded temperament that it will fight and kill almost any creature it comes across, ravenously consuming the flesh of its victim with gluttonous delight.[2a]

Thick-skinned and pig-headed, Razorgors are not exactly intelligent, however, their low cunning and brute strength makes them an invaluable addition to any army seeking some raw, if fouly mutated, muscle. Their dim wit makes them ideal candidates to be enslaved by a Scroll of Binding, and a wizard who achieves this certainly gains a physical advantage in any forthcoming battle. The greater risk, however, is braving the dark forests where Razorgors make their home. Not only are these places the preferred haunt of the Razorgors (who feast on Beastmen much like a cow chews the cud), but they are frequented by all manner of other horrors (not least of whom are those self-same Beastmen), who view interlopers with violent disdain.[2a]

Razorgors that are successfully enslaved become a powerful weapon, ideal for breaking shieldwalls in a single blood-spattered charge. They are, however, invariably hurled into battle with abandon and the expectation, even hope, of death. Nobody wants to be around a herd of blood mad Razorgors when the battle is over and the rites of binding have dissipated.[2a]



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