"Shoot it down! For the sake of Sigmar, reload, reload!"
Last words of Gunnery Captain Udolf Herzelman.

A massive, hulking Razorgor pulling a Chariot into battle.

Razorgor Chariots are a much larger, heavier and far more powerful variant of the smaller Tuskgor Chariots that is instead pulled into battle by a single massive Razorgor the size of a small peasant Hovel.


When a particularly large Razorgor is encountered in the forests, a warherd's Chieftain will attempt to break its will as proof of his right to lead the warherd. Many Chieftains have been gored to death whilst attempting to hunt down a Razorgor, yet not to even attempt to do so is to invite a challenge by a disgusted follower.[1a]

The act of breaking the Razorgor is usually achieved by the Chieftain repeatedly beating the great hairy beast over the head with a large spiked club whilst somehow avoiding being impaled upon its many razor-sharp tusks. Upon his victory over a particularly intimidating beast, a Chieftain will order a solid and impressive chariot built for it to draw. This he will ride into battle with savage pride, the chariot and the beast that pulls it a tangible sign of his favour in the eyes of the Ruinous Powers. Some chieftains harness Razorgor by even more unusual means – it is said that the infamous Beastlord Urgor Twinfist raised his barn-sized 'pet' Guttgouge, on the flesh of his rivals from the day of its birth.[1a]

Once every decade or so a particularly powerful Beastlord will manage to harness several Razorgors at once. These are herded into a loose pack and sent headlong into the enemy ranks. Razorgor have beady eyes and poor vision, but when they catch sight of the enemy they are nigh uncontrollable. A charging Razorgor can flatten a tree or careen through a chapel wall when roused. The mess one of these snorting monstrosities at full charge can make of even the stoutest shieldwall is truly sickening. Thick-skinned and pig-headed, Razorgors are not exactly intelligent, however, their low cunning and brute strength makes them an invaluable addition to any army seeking some raw, if fouly mutated, muscle. Razorgors have terrible eyesight, therefore they hunt predominantly by smell and sound.[1a]


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