Packer's Pox

Contracted from infected rodents, dreaded Ratte Fever brings inflamed rashes and ulcerations before a fever rises and the body begins to spasm. Though rarely fatal, it's a debilitating disease, and it takes a long time to recover, so most are willing to try anything to lessen the symptoms. Common remedies include self-flagellation in Altdorf — which reputedly does bring some relief to the skin infections — and smearing oneself in goatcheese mixed with imported Kislevite ice-peppers in Talabheim. In the bigger towns and cities, Ratte Fever is also known as Pie Fever given just how many savoury pasties contain tainted rat in place of more expensive meat.[1a]

Incubation periods can range between five-to-thirty days, while lasting a good ten-to-thirty days.[1b]


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