Ratimir Kottmann.[1]

Ratimir Kottmann was a ferocious Blood Knight.


During the events of the End Times, a group of adventurers had been formed to reclaim the Mace of Helsturm, hoping it could aid in the defeat of Chaos. During their travels, they heard a cacophony from a nearby cave, and decided to investigate.[1]

As the warriors entered the cave, they saw bodies littering the ground, Zombies, Beastmen and some indescribable messes. It was clear that a large battle had taken place.[1]

Delving deeper into the gloom, they came across an unusual sight. Locked in a metal cage above a gaping pit, stood a solitary Vampire Blood Knight. The denizens of Chaos surrounded him, laughing in guttural barks at their prize. The adventurers knew that, without help, he would soon join his fallen brethren. Knowing that such a powerful fighter would make a useful addition to their party, the adventurers came to his aid.[1]

When the last of the vile Beastman fell, it rasped a warning in the common tongue. An infernal plague was coming to wash all life from the World. Realising that he and his rescuers now shared a common enemy, the Blood Knight known as Ratimir Kottman made an uneasy pact. He would aid them in their fight against the Chaos Incursion.[1]


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