If there is a better archer in the Old World than Rathiel Whitebow, that archer has kept his identity a secret. The elf is a master of the longbow with few peers even amongst his own kin. He has made the weapon the focus of his life, neglecting family, friends, or any other loyalty.[1a]

His all-consuming arrogance is such that he will never refuse a challenge of his skills. He will settle for mere target shooting but prefers a duel of arrows. Because of this, Rathiel has killed at least a half dozen men and elves over the last few years and wounded far more. This has made his reputation as a highly dangerous outlaw.[1a]

Rathiel is on a quest. He is searching for a legendary magical bow known only by the cryptic name The Song of Storms. Whether this weapon is real or simply a product of Rathiel's obsession is difficult to say. What is certain is that Rathiel broke into a bookseller's shop in Brionne and since then has been seen trekking towards the Border Princes. His exact destination remains uncertain to anyone but himself.[1a]


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