In his youth, Professor Rastus Mickelbach won esteem for inventions such as Mickelbach’s Marvellous Flesh Masticator, and the Ludicrously Lethal Lacerating Liquidator. In later life, Mickelbach has devoted himself to the classroom. His lectures in the School of Engineering attract packed audiences. However, many of his peers believe he’s approaching dotage on account of his recent views.[1a]

In his treatise, A Machine For All Seasons, Mickelbach argues that the School of Engineers should not just focus on military applications, as has traditionally been the case, but on inventions of a civic value. He proposes the development of machines such as the self-propelled scythe-cart, the clockwork scarecrow, and the steam-powered handloom, which he believes will revolutionise the Empire’s economy. The School’s officials have suppressed the treatise, fearing it will provoke riots against the college among workers enraged they might be replaced by automata.[1a]

There are rumours of college authorities planning to enforce retirement on the professor. However, his reputation and substantial following of idealistic Students makes this difficult without causing a public rift.[1a]


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