Known as a house of lively debate and intelligent conversation, Raskolnikov's is a place where the intellectual elite of Kislev come to meet and converse with like-minded individuals on matters of great import, such as news from around the world and their latest poetic offerings. Originally, this was just a residence where the intelligentsia would gather, but the owner quickly realised the commercial possibilities of such assemblies and began selling hot tisanes, wines, brandies, cigars, and sweetmeats. Now, Raskolnikov's is the equivalent of a tavern, though one of such highbrow sensibilities that the owner would not dream of selling ales or kvas. Those with new ideas to espouse or who fancy themselves writers come to Raskolnikov's to have their efforts read and critiqued by the great writers and poets who frequent this establishment. Evenings are always busy here, and on nights when the current favourites of Kislev read their works aloud, it's standing room only.[1a]


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