Rasetra, also known as the Fortress of Vengeful Souls, is one of the ancient city-states of Nehekhara. Built during the reign of King Rakhash of the second dynasty, the city was built as a bulwak against the creatures of the southern jungle and was the farthest away from the internal warfare of Nehekhara, making it the last to usually be conquered. By the third dynasty, the city was once more conquered by King Khetep, as was all of Nehekhara, but joined in the attack on Khemri during the reign of Nagash, Khetep's son. Unfortunately, the alliance which had overthrown Nagash collapsed and the cities warred with each other. It was then conquered by King Alkharad and then later inherited by King Alcadizaar of the sixth dynasty. Finally, Settra, in his second coming, took the city and commanded the kings back to their chambers, awaiting his call to arise.


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