Rannalt Trocheim is a virtual outcast amongst the noble houses of the Reikland, not because he has committed any specific crime, but due to the circumstances of his birth. Rannalt is the son of a union between nobles of different nations. His father was of the Empire and his mother of Bretonnia; numerous highly-placed rulers expressly forbade the marriage, but Rannalt's parents married regardless. Although they passed away and were buried together in a tomb high in the Grey Mountains, Rannalt is a man living in the shadow of his parents' sin. Rannalt's title – 'Steward of Graustadt' – is little more than a sinecure and carries with it only a small degree of status and almost no power. Rannalt's income is paltry in comparison to his peers, and it appears a concerted effort has been made to end the Trocheim line, through bankruptcy or worse.[1a]

Rannalt is essentially an honourable man, and he holds to the notions of honour and devotion that saw his parents defy the will of two nations to be together. Despite this, he is well aware that unless fortune smiles upon him, his line is likely to end. The rumours surrounding the situation in Ubersreik present an opportunity, and Rannalt intends to take advantage of it in order to secure the future of his line. How far his sense of right will prevail in the face of the dark ambitions of the competing nobility remains to be seen, and it is possible that Rannalt will hire skilled sell-swords to do the dirty work for him whilst he looks determinedly in the opposite direction.[1a]


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