"Yes, I'm quite sure of it. Without question he said, 'With duerespect, your mother is a gravy-sucking pig.' I never make mistakes, Mijn Heer Wizard."
Ralmoris Galielholendil[1a]
Ralmoris Galielholendil

Ralmoris Galielholendil

Tall, spare and elegant. An unfailingly professional and scholarly gaze comes from his brown eyes. His chestnut hair is worn a bit long, to cover the damage to his ruined right ear.[1a]

Ralmoris began as a sailor on the ships of Clan Tallaindeloth, but retired from the sea after a wretched experience at the hands of Dark Elf pirates during a voyage to the New World. Having a flair for languages, he enrolled at Marienburg University, where he soon became famous as a linguist. Fascinated by Old World legends and antiques, particularly Tilean, he set up the Gift of Tongues to earn the money that would feed his hobby. He knows he is the best, and can be condescending to the less-educated.[1a]

His torture at the hands of Dark Elves has unfortunately left him with disorders that can cause occasional misunderstandings. Should anyone cast a spell in his presence, or should he become aware of the active use of magic or magical artefacts, he may make errors in his translation, be they mild or grand. Ralmoris will either be unaware of the mistake, or will be very ashamed of this, and either way will deny vehemently that he has made a mistake, challenging his customer to prove him wrong.

Ralmoris has a wealth of contacts among the rich and powerful in Marienburg due to his work, and although he can be a bit of a name-dropper - his sole indiscretion - he objects strongly to being used as a source of introductions.[1a]

He regularly drinks with Trancas at Three of a Kind. He has done translation and cryptographic work for both the Fog Walkers and the League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs, and has a contract relationship with Marquandt's Escort.[1a]


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