Raknik Spiderclaw, the self-proclaimed "Spider King" was a Goblin Shaman and the leader of the Spiderclaw Forest Goblin Tribe.[3]


Raknik and his tribe were hired by a servant of Tzeentch to capture Karl Franz in 2502 IC in order to stop him from being elected as Emperor, ambushing the Prince of Altdorf while he and a group of Reiksguard were patroling the forest near Altdorf. While the Goblins had the element of surprise, they retreated after Franz slew one of their Shamans and his Arachnarok Spider mount with his Runefang. Angered by the loss of the Arachnarok, which the Forest Goblins venerate as an aspect of their god, Raknik swore revenge and started plotting an attack on Altdorf.[1]

He returned to the Bloodpine Woods south of Altdorf to regroup where, throughout the early 2500's, his tribe managed to tame several Giant Spiders. Few dared to enter the woods Raknik had taken as his domain, and several mercenaries were hired to try to get rid of the Spiderclaws.[2a]

By 2517, Raknik had gathered a large goblin horde to his banner, including several Arachnarok Spiders, and began rampaging across Reikland. The first move of Karl Franz's army was to strike at the goblin heartland. Although they nearly succeeded in slaying the Emperor at the Battle of Bloodpine Woods, the goblin army was crushed. Raknik was killed, and the Spiderclaw Tribe obliterated.[3a]


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