Rakarth CA

Beastlord Rakarth.

Beastlord Rakarth of Karond Kar[1a] is the most accomplished Beastmaster in the whole of Naggaroth.[2a]


The Dark Elves have always made great use of enslaved monsters, both for their fleets and for their land armies, but although there have been many famous Beastmasters in the past, none have approached Rakarth's consummate skill or expertise. It is said that the dungeons of Karond Kar are filled with creatures that Rakarth has tamed, and that amongst them can be found one or more of all of the creatures known in the world.[1a]

When Rakarth was just a child his father was attempting to break and train the mighty Black Dragon Bracchus. However, the Dragon was more than a match for even his father's considerable skills and in a fit of rage the Dark Elf Beastmaster ordered the Dragon to be slain. Rakarth made a deal with his father to allow him to keep the monstrous beast if he could ride it, and his father duly agreed.[2a]

Rakarth fixed the Dragon with his piercing stare, and there was something in the young Dark Elf that the Dragon recognised. Bracchus saw the innate cruelty and bloodlust of Rakarth, and knew that a kindred spirit approached. The Dragon acquiesced to Rakarth without a fight, and he has ridden Bracchus into battle ever since.[2a]

Rakarth's Vendetta

Beastmaster Rakarth once fought a particularly bitter battle against the traitorous High Elves of Ulthuan. He led an army in which he had amassed the largest force of War Hydras in Druchii history. With nine of the mighty beasts at his command, he predicted a swift victory. The wizards Liandus, Ellyunnor and Aliana, however, accompanied the enemy. Within minutes, their combined magical barrage had whittled the Hydras' number down to three; two of which broke and fled the field.[2a]

Rakarth vowed never to be defeated by High Magic again, and forged a pact with Morathi. She spun her spells over the surviving Hydra, known as Daerlythe, or "Burning Fury", to turn it into the first of the Spellthirster Hydras. Dark Magic mutated the creature tremendously. Daerlythe's skin began to glow with burning blue-black energy, and great rents opened in his flesh where Morathi had ritually carved dread runes. During his next appearance on the battlefield, it was found that he was physically weakened, but had also developed a strong resistance to magic, especially High Magic. A breeding program was soon established, and Daerlythe was retired from battle. To this day only one in every ten of his offspring shares his abilities.[2a]


Rakarth goes to battle mounted on the back of his Black Dragon Bracchus, wearing the Armour of Fortune, an Enchanted Shield and the Whip of Agony.[1a]

Canon conflict

In Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves (4th Edition), Bracchus was originally a vicious Dark Steed that Rakarth tamed when he was only eight years old, and then lost in the Battle of Finuval Plain - later, he named his Black Dragon in its honour.[1a]



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