A well-known tale in the township around the Forest of Shadows concerns a Minotaur known to the Beastmen as Ragush of the Bloody Horn.


This particular Doombull is a monstrous giant even amongst his own kind, and he has become a legend amongst the man and beast alike throughout the region. Ragush is known for his acts of supreme barbarity, the most infamous of which was perpetrated at the town of Kalkengard. Here the Doombull gathered a mighty horde of Beastmen, including hundreds of Minotaurs, each armed with a pair of jagged cleavers. In a single night of bloodshed the warherd destroyed the town, tore down its buildings and slaughtered or burnt all of its defenders. So many of the population were slain that not even Ragush and his kind could consume them all in a single night. Having glutted himself on the choicest meat, the Doombull ordered the remaining corpses to be hung upside down from the trees and rock spires all around the town, forming not only a grisly monument to the Doombull's prowess but also a larder to which Ragush and his followers could return whenever the taste for flesh came upon them. Ever since that day the grounds around the remnants of the town have been known as the Kalkengard Larder, and some say that not all of the meat hanging from the trees is yet dead.[1a]


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