Star of Chaos

Ragnar Painbringer was a Champion of Chaos Undivided

Ragnar Painbringer was a Chaos Warlord noted for his extensive use of Gorebeast Chariots in battle against the Wood Elves of the Forest of Sighs. In 1453 IC, while leading his warband through the forest, he came under attack by Wood Elf ambushers and their allies. Against such a daunting foe, Ragnar issued a simple command, bringing up the mighty Gorebeast Chariots up to devastate the Wood Elf host with a powerful cavalry charge. The tactic proved a resounding success, reducing the Wood Elf defenders to bloody smears upon the forest floor while the Norsemen too followed up on the destruction wrought by the huge scythed chariots and utterly annihilated the Wood Elf battle-host. With that, Ragnar then personally burned the Forest of Sighs to the ground.

Ragnar Painbringer was sighted again centuries later during the End Times, being one of the many champions of Archaon's Norscan army that assaulted and conquered Middenheim. He was one of the many champions that attempted to earn glory by defeating the Herald of Sigmar, Valten, but was slain in battle against the Imperial warrior.


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