"I hope you have Hazelmann's money, because I really hate the sound of breaking fingers."
Claus Betelhof, well-mannered racketeer[2a]


Racketeers make up the general ranks of most criminal organisations. They are experts at extorting "protection" money from small businesses, which tends to be their most lucrative operation. Successful racketeers move into such activities as loan sharking, drug pedalling, prostitution and illegal gambling dens.[1a] In a world as grim and perilous as the Old World, the promise of easy money or quick escape is one that allures many fools, making the racketeer's work simple.[2a]

As a criminal venture increases in complexity, so too does the organization that runs it. Crime Lords operate very large gangs, sometimes the size of an entire city of province. Most gangs, however, are smaller, employing a few racketeers, and thugs for muscle.[2a]

Racketeers are seldom very imaginative, insofar as criminals go, but they are generally ruthless and used to having their own way. Racketeers are sometimes even a part of the local government, which makes rooting them out a very tricky business for law enforcement. In some areas, they are the local law enforcement.[1a]


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