Count Rabe von Stahl was a mighty Blood KnightVampire Count and leader of the undead forces during the Nemesis Crown incident.


The man who would become the vampire known as Rabe von Stahl began life as young nobleman and knight of the Empire recruited into the ranks of a respected Knightly Order. Long ago, von Stahl's regiment was dispatched to Sylvania. There, von Stahl and his fellow knights did battle against the forces of Chaos alongside Sylvanian militiamen and a mysterious group of Sylvanian nobles who fought like Daemons. Rabe fell in battle and was believed dead. However, years later, von Stahl would ride to battle again, this time at the forefront of an Undead host.

Wargear and Abilities

Rabe von Stahl was a Blood Knight and thus far mightier than any mortal warrior.

  • The "Sword of Battle" - The Sword of Battle is empowered by Dwarfen magic, enabling the wielder to employ it with dazzling speed to deadly effect. As producing these fine weapons requires a great investment of time and skill, Dwarfs present these weapons as gifts to individual Humans who have done the Dwarf people a great service. Each Sword of Battle is unique in appearance, though all are forged of a Gromril alloy and feature the Rune proudly on the hilt.
  • The "Ring of the Night" - This magical jewel has the power to draw a cloud of concealing darkness around the bearer, increasing magical wards.


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