The Quickening is the term used for when a human boy or girl reaches puberty. In most provinces, this is the time in which the child becomes an adult, which is also accompanied by the child’s Dooming, although this is not always a guarantee they’ll receive the full responsibilities and rights granted to someone older. In theory, it is at this point in which he or she is eligible to become a craftsman’s apprentice, join the military, or become a priest. In reality, many children begin their training in their given vocation long before this point, learning at the knees of their parents and others within their community.[1a]

The Quickening ceremony varies from province to province, but it often involves a small celebration with friends and family, where the new adult is presented to the Gods and to those attending. An article of clothing, toy, or other item that belonged to the child is ritually burned or buried, to symbolise his or her passage into adulthood. Another common practise is to divide up the young men and women of a settlement, then allow them to “choose” their future spouse (often at the prodding and advice of their parents). Although considered a time of joy for the adults, the event is usually dreaded by the pubescent youth as a horribly embarrassing affair. Depending on the area, these matches are either considered binding oaths or the “couples” are allowed to change their mind within a certain period of time, typically until the next time Mannslieb is full.[1a]

In the wilder areas of the Empire, particularly the far north, the fringes of Talabecland, and Ostland, boys are taken away by their elders and undergo a rigorous initiation in which they must hunt and gather their own food and prove their skills with weapons. Not all survive this initiation, and it is common practise for these lost children’s names to be stricken from memory.[1a]


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