Glyph of Quetzl

Quetzl the Protector is an Old One worshipped by the Lizardmen as a divine protector and Warrior God.[1a][2a][3b]


The servants of Quetzl are resolute and tough, as befits the chosen of a warrior god. Quetzl is venerated as the protector; it is hardly surprising that foremost amongst those who honour Quetzl are the Saurus Temple Guard.[3b] The talisman known as the Aura of Quetzl is, likewise, a powerful protective charm.[3c] Saurus are known to pay homage to Quetzl by heaping the bodies of fallen enemies before his totem.[3a]

Delving deep into the tales surrounding this particular Old One, scholars have uncovered a number of references to protective magic, though at first some mistakenly concluded that these referred to Tepok, the inscrutable god more normally linked with the warding of harmful magicks. However, it would appear, going by the accounts of a number of mages who have visited Lustria and witnessed the Lizardmen in combat, that Quetzl is also called upon to provide arcane protection from mundane attacks.[2a]

In his writings on his expedition to Lustria, entitled "In the Garden of the Gods", the noted mage of the Jade Order Cyrston von Danling states that he witnessed a punitive raid by a force of Lizardmen upon Port Reaver. The defenders scrambled to man their defences and eventually made ready a number of artillery pieces, which they brought to bear upon the attacking Saurus. A cannonball from the first volley apparently struck the Lizardmen's leader, a mighty Saurus mounted upon the back of a hissing Cold One. As the missile struck, an explosion of multi-hued light burst around the Saurus, blinding many with its dazzling brilliance. The Saurus was quite unharmed, the cannonball having been dissolved to nothing by some magical means. Von Danling states that his own magical sight afforded him a view of the event that those not gifted with the mage's skills were unaware of. According to him, a ghostlike, clawed hand seemed to manifest before the Saurus and physically block the cannonball, transmutating it from mundane matter into the very stuff of magic, whereby it dissipated upon the arcane winds. Von Danling claims to have felt the presence of a being of immeasurabel power, if only for an instant. In that split second he felt utterly humbled and insignificant before a presence of incalculable age and power. Of course, he states he was in the presence of the Old One Quetzl. Most believe that the noted wizard von Danling had spent too long in the sun.[2a]

Blessed Spawnings of Quetzl

Those spawnings that are blessed by the divine protector and warrior-god Quetzl have especially thick, toughened scales covering their bodies, and bony spurs often protrude from their forearms.[1a][3b] Those who have faced them in battle claim to have seen arrows and crossbow bolts splinter and snap upon their scales.[2a]

A number of accounts have been uncovered that speak of Saurus warriors with huge bony crests upon their heads, yet some believe these eye-witnesses are referring not to Lizardmen spawned under the sign of Quetzl, but instead have seen the Temple Guard - huge and stoic warriors that protect the Slann Mage-Priests. Only a handful of accounts represent what is believed to be true sightings of the Protector God's children, and these sport not just bony crests, but spines and protrusions all over their bodies. If some accounts are to be believed, these Saurus might appear to be adorned in an entire suit of bone armor, though such accounts may very well be stretching credulity rather too thin for the academic instincts of most scholars.[2a]



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