Quetza, also known as the Defiled, is an abandoned Lizardmen Temple-City that served as a powerbase for the Skaven of Clan Pestilens.[2a]


The temple-city of Quetza survived the Great Catastrophe, but was abandoned for unknown reasons at some point before the coming of Clan Pestilens.[2a]

In -1399 IC, the Skaven of Clan Pestilens occupied undetected the ruined city. An ill omen was recorded in the alignment of the stars, although its meaning was not revealed to the Slann for centuries.[3a] Somehow, the Skaven had penetrated the sprawling network of caverns beneath the city, caves resplendent with forests of majestic gleaming stalagmites and stalactites amongst which the city's Slann Mage-Priests would contemplate the nature of the universe. How the vile ratmen gained entrance to Quetza's caverns remains a great mystery to the Mage-Priests, but it seems most likely, however implausible, that they dug their way up from tunnels even deeper below the earth.[2a]

Quetza formed the ratmen's greatest bastion throughout the long war between the Serpent God and the Rat God. During that time it was transformed into a sprawling, stinking warren, strewn with half-gnawed bones, rotting litter and rancid rat filth. Though Quetza was purged of its vile occupiers at the moment of Tehenhauin's victory (in 100 IC[3a]), the city remains empty to this day. It is a place shunned by the Lizardmen, tainted beyond redemption by the diseases of the vile Skaven.[2a]

Although Clan Pestilens had abandoned Quetza, the Skaven tunnels beneath the jungles of Lustria remained intact. Fortunately, these tunnels were now infested with snakes, the servants of Sotek who protect his people against the Skaven menace. The Lizardmen believe that as long as Sotek remains lurking in the tunnels beneath Lustria, then the Skaven cannot return, so every effort is made to placate Sotek with his deserved tribute of sacrifices.[1a]

Nevertheless, in 2489 IC the Skaven returned, and the Astromancer Tetto'eko stemmed a major invasion by redirecting a comet to crash down upon the Skaven stronghold in Quetza.[3a]


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