Quatar, known as the Palace of Corpses, is one of the ancient city-states of ancient Nehekhara. Just as the city-state of Mahrak acts as the gateway of the east, Quatar was built upon the western entrance to the Charnel Valley, known also as the Valley of Kings, the city literally being carved to the very walls of the canyon pass. Great pillars carved from the valley rockface line the hundreds of steps that lead to the palace gates. It is said that a powerful priest has taken residence in the palace and he has learned the secret of bringing the great statues which line the canyon back to life.[1a]

During the ancient days of Nehekhara Quatar was one the biggest city- states. Quatar was also home of the famed Tomb Guard thus making it one of the best military forces of Ancient Nehekhara.

The Priest Kings of Quatar lived in the White Palace. The palace is entirely made out of white marble and protected by strong wards to fend of any magic force. Around the palace are small ornamental parks and wide squares set with fountains that were fed by springs running beneath the city. The White Palace was build to rival and then surpass the glories of Settra's palace in Khemri


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