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Vampires are frequently obsessive, as they have the time, the power, and typically the wealth sufficient to devote their lives to trivialities. For the Vampire who suffers from Pursued Perfection, this devotion becomes fanatical and all consuming, the sufferer focusing all his will on one single, narrow aspect.[1a]

For some, this might be collecting physical things, or experiences, or types of people, a collection they must complete before they will rest. For others, it will be perfecting an aspect of their behaviour, routine, or dress. It might even be a mastery of a skill or talent or the completion of a single epic task. Whatever the case, the accomplishment that the sufferer seeks to complete is either effectively impossible (such as destroying the sun) or is made so in his mind. A Vampire desiring to collect every book ever published will keep hearing of new ones he lacks; a Vampire aiming to be the world’s greatest swordsman will invent challenges and standards that are always beyond his abilities; a Vampire who wishes to keep his castle in total order will find that the wind or evil spirits keep moving his statues several millimetres to the right, no matter how many times he puts them back. Even if his goal is something completely concrete (such as slaying a Dragon or a Giant), upon completing it, the sufferer will either invent a new aim or downplay the achievement (it was only a small Dragon, so it doesn’t count).[1a]

Like those who suffer Lost Heart, no amount of rebuffing or disappointment deters them from their quest, nor will they ever abandon it for being impossible or be distracted by other concerns. They also become enraged should anything disturb or hinder their quest. Sometimes, their drive to achieve perfection is relatively benign to those around them. Other times—such as when Demesh the Mad decided to collect the skulls of all the nobles in the Empire—it is deadly in the extreme.[1a]


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