Puremane Company

The Puremane Company

Hand-picked by Korhil to aid in his treachery, these white lion guards had resisted the influence of Tyrion and Morathi just as their captain had. They did not doubt the reason for their fortitude, ascribing it to the traits of stubbornness and honour that have ever been cornerstones of the Chracian warrior's code. Even so, by the time Korhil marched north from Tor Alin, his companion's resistance was due more to Adranna sheltering their souls from the growing shadow than any innate strength of character. Each of the Puremane Company understood the enormity of the task before them and was prepared to die in its prosecution. Like Korhil, they held themselves partially responsible for what had come to pass, and sought absolution in unmaking Tyrion's madness.[1a]


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