This powerful brotherhood of excisemen wields no official power in the city of Talabheim. That doesn't change the fact that his guild is one of the most powerful and prevalent. Without the Publicans there would be no tax revenue. Unhappy with the continuous harassment (and even assault) of their members, this group arose to champion the friendless tax collector.[1a]

The Publican Union of Talabheim's greatest contribution to its members (who must pay a yearly membership fee) is that they use their influence to get watch patrols assigned to aid excisemen. This makes tax collection far easier, as few businessmen or labourers want to take on the notoriously vindictive Talabheim city watch.[1a]

On the few occasions where the watch wasn't enough to discourage attacks on their members, there have been rumours that the Publican Union has hired criminal thugs and assassins. Whatever the truth, what is certain is that the Publican Union is one of the most ruthless and mercenary guilds the Empire has ever known. Any visiting adventures had best be wary of them.[1a]


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