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Ptra, the Sun God, also called the Great Father, was the most adored of all the divinities of ancient Nehekhara. Ptra was the great creator, the first to tread the world. He symbolised eternity and immortality and was the ruler of the Nehekharan Pantheon and the creator of the Human race. Although worshiped throughout Nehekhara, the cities of Khemri and Rasetra claimed him as their special patron.

He is the only one among the Nehekharan gods who did not have an animal form, but always manifested himself as a human being. However, his eyes contained all the stars of the firmament, and a single glance was capable of driving any man mad. Many ancient Nehekharan bas-reliefs illustrate Ptra driving a golden chariot through the cycle of night and day, chasing forever his beloved Neru, the Nehekharan moon goddess.

The ancient priests and acolytes of Ptra were characterized by the skin that shined brilliantly in the rays of the sun, and dressed in yellow robes interwoven with gold threads and gold bracelets. On the chest each carried a polished golden solar disk of the temple, which was engraved with sacred hieroglyphics and displayed the image of Ptra and his burning solar chariot. In this way, Ptra's priests used to shine almost like the sun, serving as a mortal reflection of the blessings of the Great Father. The priests of Ptra welcomed his arrival at dawn and made sacrifices to the Great Father by sending young slaves to burn to death in large fire pits.


  • Ptra shares many similarities with the Egyptian Gods Ra and Ptah.


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