Combat is brutal in the Old World. Few walk away from the business end of an axe without at least a scar; many fare far worse. Mutilated individuals haunt the cities. Veterans hobble along on crutches holding out tin cups for alms, while victims of the pox or worse lose ears, noses, or fingers to rot or plague. In short, some of the deformities are awful. To combat the hindrances posed by such injuries, physicians have devised all manner of replacement parts, called Prosthetics (or Prostheses), to ease the lives of the afflicted.[1a]

Types of Prosthetic


  • In "The Burning Shores," it is shown that male Dwarfs will forge "beards" of metal that fasten to hinges on both sides of a helmet. To the Dawi, losing one's beard due to fire or other hazards is akin to needing such a prosthetic.[1a]


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