Far from the normal trade routes, town, and farms, Prospectors can be found sifting through the silt of river and stream beds in search of gold washed down from the mountains. Most deposits in populated areas are already exhausted, so Prospectors spend most of their time in remote and dangerous mountain and badlands areas. Their one hope is to find a large vein and to claim it or work it before others find out, but few manage to resist bragging about their find, even when they do finally strike it rich. Word spreads quickly when gold is discovered and prospectors' shanty towns spring up almost overnight, only to be abandoned just as quickly once the area is worked out. The lure of gold is one of the few things that can draw a Dwarf above ground and Dwarfen Prospectors are not an uncommon sight in gold-rush areas.[1a]

Prospectors exploring a lord's land usually have a commission or license, an agreement promising that the prospector will share any potential findings with the lord. Many prospectors are former miners who left because of their low wages and dangerous conditions. Sometimes, multiple prospectors will form a single expedition.[2a]


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