"Trained by handmaidens of the Lady, these spellcasters bring nature's power to bear against the foes of Bretonnia."
The all-powerful Prophetesses.[5]
Troth of protection

A Prophetess of the Lady.[5]

Prophetesses of the Lady, also known as Grail Prophetesses and Enchantresses, are powerful and well-experienced Grail Damsels.


These Damsels have the power to foretell the future and provide counsel to the highest nobles. Some Prophetesses travel Bretonnia, giving counsel to many different people, as they see fit. Other than the Fay Enchantress herself, the Prophetesses are the Lady's most favoured devotees, and have long served their divine mistress faithfully. Potent spellcasters all, their magic can dramatically affect the outcome of any battle.[1a][4]

Prophetesses, much like the Sacred Lakes that dot Bretonnia's landscape, possess the ability to bless a knight's weapons and armour. These fearsome weapons are particularly lethal when used against unholy beings, such as the followers of Chaos and the Undead.[2][3]

While all Damsels of the Lady are able to ride horses (thus bypassing the Bretonnian restriction placed on women), the Prophetesses have enough authority to use a rare Pegasus for a mount.[1][4]

Much like lesser Grail Damsels, Prophetesses are capable of mastering both the Lore of Life and the Lore of Beasts. Such is their power, however, that they can also call upon the Lore of Heavens. This is highly unusual, for even the greatest Wizards of the Empire can only master one lore of magic.[1]

Famous Prophetesses

  • Morgiana le Fay, the Fay Enchantress - Greatest of all the Lady's priestesses and her mortal representative.
  • Iselda, Keeper of the Tower of Wizardry - Was the most powerful Damsel in all of Aquitaine, who assisted in the defeat of the Red Duke.
  • Elynesse, Dowager of Charnorte - A mystical prophetess who predicted the return of Arkhan the Black and the final battle of La Maisontaal.
  • Enchantress Ciara - An enigmatic Prophetess who aided the besieged knight, Gerard du Lacaren.


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