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"Morrslieb touched the sun and everything went dark. Huge waves pummelled our ship. As soon as the eclipse was complete, a great jet of steam burst forth from the sea followed by jagged, toothy pillars. My crew thought we were going to be devoured by a Sea Dragon, but it was land, not a Dragon, that rose from the waves.
We landed on that quivering island of dark rock and I led a small party inland. Picking our way over damp rocks and dying fish, we found the rotted carcass of a sunken Imperial ship. Inside was a hold filled with shining, Lustrian gold. When we ran back to the ship to get the rest of the men, I saw a terrible sight that will remain tattooed on my eyes long after I drink myself blind. A monstrous crab-creature bigger than a Kingship was devouring my crew; as I watched, it snapped the mast in one claw and crushed Strong Sven in the other. I won’t tell you a lie, we ran like scared children.
Now, if you want to hear tell of the temple we found on that island and how I escaped it, you’ll need to refill this here mug. I can still see out of one eye, and I sees that it's empty.
Thangbrand Olafsson, Norseman Sea Captain.[2a]


The Promethean is a large, crab-like creature that is believed to live on the ocean floor, only coming to the surface to feed. Its tough carapace gives it protection from most attacks, while its tremendously powerful pincers can rip apart masts, sails and superstructure.[1a]


The Promethean is an immense crab, 30 feet across. Its eyes wave around on stalks, searching for prey to grab with its claws and shove into its gaping maw. Its carapace, overgrown with seaweed, is strong as steel. Although there was once a Cult dedicated to worshipping the Promethean, it is not a Chaotic creature, merely a destructive one.[2b]

Certain scholars believe the Promethean lives on the sea floor, only rising to the surface to wreak havoc on boats or those close to shore when summoned magically. It is unknown whether the Promethean is the only member of its species, or whether there are several such creatures conflated together by sailor's stories.[2b]



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