Port Reaver Total War Warhammer 2 illustration

Port Reaver (Total War: Warhammer II).

In the year 1801 IC, the ousted Pirate Prince of Sartosa, Lucciano Soprania, founded Port Reaver on the eastern coast of Lustria's Isthmus. Despite numerous Lizardmen attacks, the settlement managed to turn into a flourishing trading port, though it is notorious as a den of cutthroats and raiders as well as a haven for adventurers and treasure seekers.[1a]

In 2064 IC, fleeing their debts in Port Reaver, group of gamblers founded Swamp Town. In 2315, the Pirate King Draven was employed to protect the merchant ships arriving and leaving Swamp Town from the pirates based in Port Reaver. He used his power to destroy the fleets of his competitors and then sacked Swamp Town himself.​[1a]

In an unknown date, noted Jade Wizard Cyrston von Danling witnessed a punitive raid by a force of Lizardmen upon Port Reaver. He'd later publish his detailed account of the event in his book In the Garden of the Gods. Most readers, however, believe von Danling had spent too long in the sun.[2a]


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