Poqenichi, Bearer of the Warbanner of the Red Host, was a Skink Chief who created the Skavenpelt Banner.[1a]

Throughout the tumultuous Age of Strife, the armies of Tehenhauin, the Prophet of Sotek, marched to war against the hordes of the Skaven Clan Pestilens beneath the arcane protection of the Plaque of Sotek, held aloft by the prophet himself or by his attendant.[1a]

But many lesser totems, banners and plaques of the Serpent God accompanied the armies. These were carried by the Red Crested Skinks and their Chiefs. Some of these totems were serpent-forms made of gleaming gold and studded with green and red gems, whilst others bore inscriptions of the words of Tehenhauin.[1a]

One totem was a hide cut from the back of the vile Skaven Plague Pontifex called Lord Quetch, who was defeated by the Skink Chief Poqenichi at the Battle of the Golden Stair. Chief Poqenichi stripped the plague-ridden hide from the Skaven's back, and mounted the vile flesh upon a pole. This he bore into battle as the army's warbanner. So revolting was the stench of the decaying Skaven flesh that the entire army of the Prophet of Sotek was driven into a murderous frenzy by its very presence upon the battlefield. Many and great were the victories won by the Skinks of the Red Host beneath the Skavenpelt Banner.[1a]


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