Warhammer Poisoned Wind Globe

A Poisoned Wind Globe being thrown

Poisoned-Wind Globes are one of the most widely known weapon within the arsenal of Clan Skyre. A Clan Skryre innovation, these small hollow glass spheres contain a noxious gas. When thrown, the sphere shatters, dispersing the poison. Used extensively by Clan Skryre Clanrats and Poisoned-Wind Globadiers, these weapons are devastating to both Skaven and their enemies.[1a] Poisoned gas was first deployed during the bitter tunnel fighting against the Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Clan Skryre was delighted at this new diabolical way to slaughter their foes. The Engineers have tried many methods of delivery.[2a]

Machines of incredulous complexity and dubious worth have been attempted, but in the end the best method of launching gas attacks into the enemy's ranks have been via the specially trained Globadiers. Poisoned wind globes are glass or crystal orbs filled with deadly warpstone gas. When thrown, the sphere shatters, releasing billowing clouds so lethal that mere skin contact can cause severe pain or even death. Breathing the vapours causes lungs to spontaneously fill with bubbling pus — a horrible and nearly instantaneous death. For this reason, Globadiers wear all manner of elaborate masks, goggles, and cumbersome rebreathing apparatus in an effort to protect themselves against accidental gassing. Armour offers no protection against poisoned gas, but this does not stop the Globadiers from wearing arcane body armour underneath their robes.[2a]


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