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In the year VII, 90, having spent much of a century fruitlessly searching for a sign of Malekith's survival, Morathi resolved to tempt Khaine's favour with uncommon gifts. Thus did she offer great reward to any who brought her unusual sacrifices from the Lustrian jungles. Naggaroth's nobility scrambled to fulfil the Hag Sorceress' wishes, for they had no illusions as to who would choose a new ruler should the Witch King prove lost forever. So it was that that ships beyond counting hastened to the Lustrian coast and the dense jungles of the interior. They launched with their decks crammed with ruthless warriors, and those few that returned did so with hold full of caged beasts. Skinks and Saurus Warriors were common prizes, rendered somnolent and docile by chill sorcery. As time wore on and competition flared, ever more daring raiders seized ever larger prey. Soon Coatl, Bastiladons, and even larger creatures fed Morathi's sacrifices - though after a Carnosaur ran bloody riot at the height of a ritual, destroying much of the temple in the process, the Hag Sorceress forbade another such beast be brought before her.[1a]

For twelve years, this went on. Thousands of Dark Elves perished to bring Morathi her treasures, but the sorceress had eyes only for Khaine and her desperate quest. Then, one dark night in the Season of Savagery, Morathi offered up her greatest prize: a Slann Mage-Priest, seized from Tlanxla and lobotomised by an Assassin's dagger. As the bloated creature's lifeblood oozed out across the altar, the sky blazed with fire and the walls of Ghrond bled with daemonic ichor. The next day, Morathi ordered the Lustrian expeditions to cease. The Hag Sorceress had her answer - all she need do now was wait.[1a]


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