Warhammer Zharr-Naggrund

A map of the Plain of Zharr

The refuse of a thousand years of labour fills the Plain of Zharrduk, also known as the Plain of Zharr. Here the land is broken and tortured, a twisted shadow of its former self. Pits of molten tar and rivers of burning oil strew the landscape like open wounds, whilst massive stockpiles of coal scab over treacherous ground, festering in the sweltering heat.

To its north-east looms the giant ziggurat of obsidian known as Zharr-Naggrund, the City of Fire of Desolation where the Chaos Dwarfs dwell and plot their inexorable conquest of the world. Around their dark city the Chaos Dwarfs sunk mines into the earth, delving deep into the rock and filth in pursuit of the treasures that lie below. They built engines down in the depths, using steam power generated by the heat of the rocks themselves. They dug for coal and piled it high into black mounds. They drilled for oil and tar, and dug open pits in which to store it, creating lakes of sticky blackness across the land. In the mountains they quarried stone and used it to build roadways to connect all of their lands together, so that the plundered riches of the earth might flow all the faster into their gargantuan city. Beneath the flickering flames of countless forges, untold thousands of slaves, creatures of many races captured in war or traded from the Orcs of the west, work at the enterprises of the Chaos Dwarfs.


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