A fanatical sect within the Cult of Shallya, Plague Wardens believe the central duty of a Shallyan is to protect as many people as possible from the plagues and pestilences pervading the Old World. Rather than treating the victims, they aim to stop the plagues from spreading and creating victims in the first place. Their goal is noble; it is their methods that make them fanatics.[1a]

The only way to stop a plague is to destroy the source of the infection. That may mean killing someone with the plague, and then burning the body and boiling the ashes. It might also mean razing a whole section of a town, burning it down while trapping the doomed inhabitants inside. Plague Wardens recognise these acts are unpleasant, but feel they are justified by the greater good.[1a]

As Plague Wardens kill people, it goes without saying they are considered dangerous, and worse, by most members of Shallya’s cult. Shallyan priestesses who join the cult almost always have difficulty casting spells, due to repeatedly breaking the central stricture of the faith. Plague Wardens see this as a test imposed by their Goddess, to ensure their faith is strong.[1a]

While Plague Wardens are violent zealots, they do believe they are acting to save people’s lives. Thus, they do not kill on mere suspicion of infection, and all groups of Plague Wardens include at least one person with diagnostic abilities. These abilities are not always very good, but Plague Wardens only kill when they are fairly sure plague is present. They are also among the most implacable adversaries of the Fly Lord, and if they uncover evidence of a group of his cultists, they ignore all their other plans to concentrate on eliminating the greater threat.[1a]

Ironically, it is quite likely that the Plague Wardens actually have saved thousands more lives than they have ended. While their membership is very secret, their existence is well known to the educated, and they are a favourite example when priests of Verena discuss ethical dilemmas.[1a]


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