Warhammer Tamurkhan Plague Ogres

The Plague Ogres of Tamurkhan

Plague Ogres are Ogres that have devolved in both mind, body and soul, their forms twisting and contorting into hellish shapes by the horrific blessings of Nurgle's Rot. Though plenty of Ogres in the past had been subjected to the mutating powers of Chaos, the most infamous of the Plague Ogres were those who joined Tamurkhan and his invasion of the Empire. When the Ogres of the Red Fist Tribe were defeated by Tamurkhan's horde, a great many submitted to his will and joined the monstrous host and were lost, body and soul, to Chaos. Taking control of the body of their Ogre Tyrant, Tamurkhan led them through a series of foul rituals and tainted flesh which sealed their fate. Soon, all manner of plagues and diseases were visited upon their desecrated bodies and their suffering was only elevated by embracing Nurgle as their god. In battle after battle, they slaked their hunger and smashed their enemies in praise of the Lord of Decay; those that survived becoming ever more stricken with mutation and the stigma of corruption until scarcely recognisable as the Ogres they once been.[1a] 


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