Pitre Fonce, feared as the Madman of Mousillon, was a fell Necromancer of Bretonnia who led an army of undeath known as the Nightguard.[1]


The Madman of Mousillon, Pitre Fonce, was a reclusive noble of that Bretonnian city. He secretly studied the dark arts of Necromancy. In his growing madness, the twisted Necromancer began to use his fell powers to terrorise that region. He raised an army of the Restless Dead to wreak his foul will upon those that dared disagree with him. The Black Duke – a fearsome Wight King raised from the Grimnoire Barrows, led the Necromancer’s assault force. The Undead troops themselves were raised from the burial chambers of his own fortress, but in his lust for power and revenge, the Necromancer cared not that he raised the remains of his ancestors to commit his foul acts.[1]

Under cover of darkness, the Undead would march over cobblestoned streets to reach their destination. Peasants pulled shutters tight while the dead walked by – a phenomenon they called the coming of the Nightguard. Guided to their target by the Necromancer’s evil will, the Undead armies would attack only their named targets, or any who dared get in their way. They stormed the tower of the Marquis Rocher and killed its lord, putting his head upon a spike of his own iron gates. So fell a dozen of the local nobility. Although many suspected the long-lived and eccentric Pitre, none were so bold as to openly accuse him – for they feared they would be the next to hear the march of the Nightguard...[1]


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