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Pirates' Grave, off the coast north of castle Mousillon, is a bleak testament to the Battle of the Tides. The Bretonnian fleet, having just witnessed how deadly the Mousillon coast could be, had no wish to salvage the pirate ships that were lost. So the ships were left to rot where they had sunk or run aground, and most of them are still there. From the coast, it is possible to see the sun-bleached masts sticking up above the surface of the water, or the rotting, skeletal hulls rearing up onto the rocks. The high tide during the battle means that many ships settled almost entirely out of the water when the tide subsided, and several pirate ships lie, almost complete, on the rocks like beached whales.[1a]

The ships have long since been picked clean of valuables, including the bones of the dead sailors. Even so, every now and again a peasant on the coast near Pirates' Grave will plough up another set of bones or a couple of tarnished copper coins from some chest of treasure. The Grave still holds great mystique, and adventurers or the curious often come to visit it, to clamber among the decaying timbers of the beached ships and gaze on the wrecks of those further out to sea. Many more ships lie beneath the surface, and a few hardy adventurers or racketeers from the city have tried to recover valuables from them, but never with much success.[1a]

Nothing involving pirates and death ever occurs without leaving behind tales of ghost ships ploughing through the waves at night or brine-sodden corpses rising from the surf to take their revenge on the living. More interesting, however, are the tales of the famous looted riches that must lie on the ships beneath the surface. The Knights of the Blazing Sun, for instance, would dearly love to recover their lost Sun Crown of Bilbali, and it is probable that it went down on one of the ships destroyed in the Battle of the Tides. Likewise, there are many who insist that the Infant Princess of Sartosa, kidnapped on the eve of her coronation, must have been captured by pirates and probably drowned on one of the sunken pirate ships. Tilean mercenaries have even been despatched to Mousillon by Sartosa to recover her body, but so far none have been successful and few have even returned. Though with time, the timbers will rot and the bones will turn to dust, the Pirates' Grave could still yield its secrets up until the very end.[1a]


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