Owner of Tomorov's Supplies in Zhidovsk, Piotr is a wretched, fat, lump of flesh with few aesthetic assets. The vile stench of goose fat and onions hangs about him, and local girls whisper about the crops of prodigious warts that grow on his feet. In his round head, he has but one blackened tooth, and he's flatulent, whistling from his nether regions when least appropriate. He wears clothing cut in the Bretonnian fashion—though about a decade too late—that consists of a soiled vest, tights, octopus codpiece, and a stained pillow hat from which hangs a dejected-looking feather.[1a]

Piotr is quite wealthy, owning his shop and the contents within it. When travelling, he brings along an abacus, lantern, food, and wine for the trip. He owns a wagon and two horses, letting him transport his goose oil to the cities with ease. He also keeps a small pouch inside of his codpiece that holds nine slimy Gold Crowns.[1b]


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