"Pigbarter is without doubt the foulest sewer of a rotting excuse for a town I have ever stepped into in all my eight years as a traveler of the world. The whole place is choked with a fug of yellow, acrid-tasting smoke from the River Ruin, slouching its way past buildings on silt-like legs."
Reuben Kyte, Explorer and eventual Firemaster of the Angry Fist Tribe[1a]

Pigbarter is a large, lucrative trading settlement located at the mouth of the River Ruin, known in those lands as the Scalded Delta and a prime destination spot for those following the Ivory Road. Pigbarter is named as such because of a popular sport which captivates the citizens of the trading town. Pig-jousting as it is called is the most popular event, where merchants and gamblers gather from all around the settlement for a mile around.[1a]


The settlement itself is built above the foul, toxic chemical waters of the River Ruin, built upon massive silts which raise the settlment high into the air. Each habitation is rimmed with sharp shards of glass and sharpened nail that have been hammered into the wood of the foundation timbers and supporting beams, presumably to prevent nocturnal raids from the Gnoblars that infest this benighted town at ground-level. These beams are almost without exception riddled with woodworms, centipede and louse, and as a result a good third of Pigbarter's buldings have collapsed to form a ramshackle floor of shantytowns housing said to be infested with Goblins below the settlement.[1a]

Quite how man and greenskin can coexist in this manner is incomprehensible to many. Above the buildings, large flocks of trained eagle-owls as large as hounds are used by the town's inhabitants as a way to deter any Gnoblar raiding parties from stealing the goods and profits earned from traveling merchant caravans following the Ivory Road. Those caught by the Owls are often strung up on the roofs of the hunts, a gourmet treat for our fellow avian policemen, the screams of of these unfortunates serving as a warning to others who might feel tempted to raid the dirty stilt-shacks.[1a]


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