Baron Pierre d'Artaud was a Lord of Bretonnia who led an army against an invading horde of Greenskins.


Pierre's heart swelled with pride as the virtuous Knights of the Realm gathered under his war banner. These noble and honourable warriors were duty-bound to defend his land. They had heeded his warning of the invasion and had mustered from the surrounding villages and Keeps. If the invading Orcs were to enter his realm, they would do so where his proud army stood, as the hills opened up into fertile farmland. And it was here that the Baron's forces would meet them.[1]

The morning breeze rippled multicoloured Heraldry, and the bright pennants danced in the wind. Two dozen knights were forming up into three equal sized units. On the flank, the young Knights Errant paced, impatient for the day's glory. It was with less pride that the Baron's eyes fell upon the Men-at-Arms, although they still displayed the honour of their masters in their house livery and stout shields. Still worse, gathering in the back, the Peasant Bowmen shuffled into place in the battle line, and the Baron thought their demeanour and carriage to be disheartening. The more he looked at the Bowmen, the more the Baron felt quite sure that some of the same scruffy men were the ones who had been pilfering game from his lands.[1]

However, his disdain for the poachers soon passed. Their trespasses were forgiven, for they too had answered the summons to battle. No one could invade Bretonnia and live to tell the tale. It was not a day for recriminations, but for glory...[1]


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