Pierre d'Antoch was a renowned veteran of Bretonnia's expedition into Lustria and a key part in raising the Crusader City of Antoch to greatness, eventually rising to become its Lord.[1a]


Pierre was a young Knight Errant who took part in the ill-fated Bretonnian expedition to Lustria that looted the Lizardman city of Huatl. When the Pierre fled from Lustria he took with him only a single artifact from Huatl, a magnificent staff made entirely of jade. Although Pierre didn't realise it, the staff had many magical properties, but only in the hands of a Slann Mage-Priest.[1a]

Following the looting of the city, the Bretonnians were ambushed and all but wiped out by the Lizardmen as they attempted to escape back through the jungle. Amongst the survivors was Pierre. During the nightmare journey through the Lustrian jungle he gathered about himself a small contingent of knights, and leading them with a maturity well beyond his years he brought them all safely back to the waiting ships of the Bretonnian fleet. Pierre and his companions ended up being the only Bretonnians of noble blood to survive.[1a]

While returning to Bretonnia, the lowborn fleet mutinied and scattered to ports all over the World. The only exception was the man o' war Jean de Florette, on which were Pierre and his noble followers. Although he had quelled the mutiny on his own ship, as he watched the other ships in the fleet dispersing Pierre knew that he could not return to Bretonnia. Surviving the expedition when all the other knights had died was bad enough, but to also fail to stop the fleet mutinying would mean disgrace for both himself and his loyal followers.[1a]

But Pierre was a resourceful man, and he was determined to regain his honour or die in the attempt. For men such as him there was at that time only one place that offered both refuge and redemption... and that place was the Crusader City of Antoch. The gleaming fortress of the knights of Antoch lay far to the south of the Old World, beyond the Great Desert of Araby and upon the Gulf of Medes. So it was that Pierre led the remnants of his army to Antoch, where he eventually rose to become Master of the Knights of Antoch and lord of that land. For many centuries, Pierre's jade staff would remain as the heirloom of the city's future lords, a symbol of its power and security, until its reclamation at the hands of the Lizardmen during the Battle for Antoch Plains.[1a]


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