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Left-to-right: Frostheart and Flamespyre Phoenixes

A Phoenix is a magical avian beast of Ulthuan in the form of a giant raptor that possesses innate control over fire and eventually frost if it lives long enough. Phoenixes dwell amongst the Flamespyres -- great alabaster pillars of rock that stand sentinel about the Shrine of Asuryan.[1a]

These stone spires constantly burn with magical flame, for Aqshy -- the Magical Wind of Fire -- gusts about these rocks as it is drawn inexorably towards the Isle of the Dead.[1a]

Yet Aqshy has left its mark on more than these silent stones. Over generations, the Phoenixes of the Flamespyres have become attuned to fire magic, harnessing it at their whim.[1a]

Flamespyre Phoenix

When a Flamespyre Phoenix is enraged, its plumage explodes into a magical flame, causing the creature to leave a trail of angry fire in its wake. Should a Flamespyre Phoenix be slain, it explodes, leaving naught behind but a shower of flaming cinders. If the Winds of Magic are at ebb, the creature perishes, as all living beings eventually must. Yet if the air is sufficiently suffused with magic, the fiery fragments swiftly recoalesce; with a booming inrush of air and a flash of searing light, the Phoenix is reborn to fight anew.[1a]

Flamespyre Phoenixes lack the gift of a civilized tongue. However, they understand Eltharin well enough and, if treated with proper respect, can be bargained with. Indeed, an accord exists between them and the Phoenix Guard, with the latter often calling upon the birds to serve as war-mounts. This is a truly fearsome combination, the clear-headed judgement of the Phoenix knight directing the Flamespyre's fires to where they can cause the most damage.[1a]

Frostheart Phoenix

As a Flamespyre Phoenix ages, its body cools, and even begins to sap heat from its surroundings. Finally, the plumage that once blazed with fire grows heavy with frost and ice. Once this occurs, the Phoenix must leave the Flamespyres, for the chill that surrounds it causes agony in its brightly burning kin. Most such Frostheart Phoenixes dwell in lonely exile on crags about the Eataine coast, until their bodies finally freeze solid, to leave curious frozen statues along the crags and cliff tops. Others return to the Shrine of Asuryan, to offer their final days in service as war-steeds.[1b]

Whilst a Frostheart Phoenix may not possess the vigour and fire it commanded in its youth, it is a much hardier mount. The ice that sheathes its form is as hard as glass, and enemies -- not having the benefit of the rider's enchanted armour -- find their own strength and resolve eaten away by its chill presence. Knowing they can no longer resurrect themselves in magical fire, the Frostheart Phoenixes fight even harder in the defense of their homeland, determined to end their existence striking a final blow against the enemies of Ulthuan.[1b]

Arcane Phoenix

Arcane Phoenix.jpg

Arcane Phoenixes are majestic and fearsome creatures with wingspans as great as any mighty war-eagles of the High Elves. They are cloaked in blazing feathers that can turn the sharpest arrow, their true power bound to their nature as a creature of spirit and fire, for they are a living embodiment of the destructive and purging will of Aqshy. Flames dance across their pinions to sear their prey when they attack, a long pair of feathered tails leaving a spray of blazing sparks and embers in their wake as they swoop across the battlefield. It is this nimbus of flame that constantly surrounds the Arcane Phoenix and betrays its otherworldly heritage.[3a]

Known Phoenixes

  • Ashtari - Frostheart Phoenix mount of Caradryan, the current Captain of the Phoenix Guard.[1]
  • Angranir - Greatest of the Flamespyre Phoenixes, Angranir was struck down during the Sundering by Druchii magicks.
  • The Mother of the Flame - The rarely-appearing Phoenix matriarch is a creature of Hekarti, awoken into this world through the heart of a raging volcano.[4]
  • The Omen of Asuryan - A legendary Arcane Phoenix.[4]



Flamespyre Phoenix

Frostheart Phoenix


  • On his travels, Archaon once witnessed a Chaos-corrupted Phoenix in the menagerie of Agrammon. The purple-feathered beast burned in strange fire, the souls of its victims burning forever in torment within, never achieving release.[5]


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