Peteor was an old asur servant of Prince Faldor, his blue-veined hands still able to wield a bow and arrow in defence of his master's property.[1a]

He had never liked Fayelle's friend Elrion, and his liking grew less as tales of Elrion's debauched lifestyle and wild parties had become common knowledge within the neighborhood. When Elrion pat the servant on the back, Peteor coughed and lurched forward. Red stuff emerged from his nose and lips whilst something bubbled in his chest, causing him trouble breathing. When Fayelle asked if he was alright, Peteor struggled to say something. He reached up and tried to grab Elrion, who leaned against him and moved his arm again. Peteor bent double and more red erupted from his chest. Fayelle ran over to him, reaching out to the old elf, asking what was wrong. The maiden was shocked at how wet he was and how red her hand came away. When she realized he was bleeding, frothy red bubbles erupted from Peteor's mouth as he tried again to speak. His eyes opened wide and he slumped forward. Peteor was dead, slain by Elrion with a knife. He would not be the last to die that fateful night, nor the greatest to suffer.[1a]


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