"I am the hunter and you are my prey."

Penthesilea, Mark of the Serpent is known as one of the greatest Amazon warriors and is a legend amongst her people.


The Amazons were outraged by the oafish menfolk of the Norse settlement of Skeggi when they captured some Amazons in a raid planning to keep them as slaves. Penthesilea led a Warband on a night raid against the timber halls of the Norse settlement. Her silent warriors slew the guards and they liberated their captured sisters. Before she could make good her escape however, Penthesilea eas set upon by the Norse Jarl Sigursen the Impaler, he who had led the raid to enslave her sisters.

She slew the giant of a man in single combat and held his severed head high, causing the rest of the Norse to flee. To further quench her thirst for revenge, she kidnapped Sigursten's entire family to be used as slaves and sacrifices to the Serpent God. The battle of Skeggi was a milestone battle for the Amazons. None had accomplished what Penthesilea had. For it was her and her small band of Amazon warriors that had taken the fight straight to the supposedly invulnerable Norse stronghold and rescued their sisters, slaying many men in the process. It was her brilliant guerilla tactics and her ruthlessness that won the day.

Since then, the men of the New World settlements live in constant fear and shudder at the mention of her name. Tales have it that no man has survived an encounter with her and many a mighty warrior's head hangs from her belt; its mouth sewn shut as a sign of obedience. [1a]


  • Star Sword - This is an ancient and legendary sword that can cut through armour as if it were a leaf.
  • Starblade - Of the many strange weapons the Amazons possess, the Starblade is built like an Amazonian dagger. It is usually painted exotic colours and contains magical properties that enhance the fighting prowess of the Amazons.
  • Enchanted Skins - The protective skins that Amazons wear have been warded with defensive magic.
  • Amulet of the Moon - This ancient amulet creates a shimmering aura around the Amazon that makes it harder for enemies to see them.


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