"This here is an absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind, only-one-in-existence, work of art. If you want more, don't worry, I've got another couple of dozen on the back of the cart."
Delberz Trötte, Trader[2a]


Few villages have shops or regular trading-posts of their own, so all are dependent on the pedlar, a small-time trader. Buying easily-transportable goods at markets from craftsmen or merchants, pedlars travel from village to village, selling their wares and carrying news and gossip from the towns. A pedlar's wares can be anything that is easily carried, such as pots, pans, small items of clothing, purses, pins, knives, and so on.[1a] Other pedlars provide services, such as knife-sharpening, mending, or tinkering.[2a] In more settled areas, pedlars are often licensed and they may have their own guild to protect their interests and discourage outsiders from poaching their trade. Most live a completely nomadic life and believe strongly in the fraternity of their profession, even though they can come from many different races and have no common culture, traditions, or languages. Many pick up skills as herbalists. They are almost universally distrusted, especially by roadwardens and watchmen.[1a]

Many pedlars find ways to augment their income– bringing news and rumours or acting as messengers for the hamlets they serve, in exchange for dinner and a bed.[2a]


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