"Rejoice! For a Knight of Bretonnia provides your shield…"
Mantra of Bretonnia's peasantry.
Peasant mob

A member of a Peasant Mob.[1]

Peasant Mobs are the lowliest units fielded in a Bretonnian army.


The life of a Bretonnian peasant is thankless, impoverished and - if the gods are merciful - short. Yet it is their duty to labour for, pay tribute to, and die in service of their Liege. Although a life spent toiling the land for pitiful gain is a damnable existence, it pales next to a day upon the battlefield. And indeed, should a Duke ride to war, he will surely drag his droves of human chattel along with him. These hapless wanderers are then assuredly butchered in their multitudes as fodder to their Lord's worthy cause. To make their numbers count, peasants are ordered into huddled units on the battlefield, which makes up for their lack of training and skill. Like the more elite Men-at-Arms, Peasant Mobs are not very reliable if left to their own devices, but under the stern gaze of a Knight can aspire to adequate, though not exceptional, deeds.[1]

During peacetime, peasants are encouraged to breed at an alarming rate. This ensures that there will always be hordes of lowborn warriors to throw at Bretonnia's enemies, and plenty of farmers and craftsmen to support the kingdom's infrastructure.[1]

Subsidised Tools

"For what is a peasant without his pitchfork?"
The trusted weapon of the Mob.[1]
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In the context of Bretonnia, it is misleading to think of the pitchfork as a symbol of peasant rebellion, since such uprisings are so rare within its Dukedoms. The low-born are far more likely to use a pitchfork to defend their noble’s land than turn it against the noble himself. It also means that when war inevitably comes, he doesn’t have to spend valuable resources on weapons that he could otherwise spend on arming his Knights. Therefore, the high-born know that to give a Bretonnian peasant a pitchfork is to hand him a useful tool with which to work the fields and forearm him for the battles ahead.[1]

Famous Bretonnian Peasants

  • Geg of Wainfleet - Now renowned as the Peasant Knight, Geg was a simple farmhand who rallied the peasants of his village in defence of a Goblin horde, before slaying the Nurgle-corrupted Lord of Wainfleet at the Lady of the Lake's request. For this, he became the only lowborn ever known to have supped from the Grail.


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